February 11, 2019

Accessing Your Norton Myaccount, Creating a New One and Addressing Login Issues

Do you ever think of safety and security of your computer and mobile? We often think about our security and how we must protect our identity. You enter the ATM and make sure that nobody sees  your 4-digit secret pin. This is because you want your money to be safe. In winters, you wear 4 warm layers to keep you snug. Similarly, your computer and phone needs a protective jacket which protects your identity and even keep it far away from viruses and malware.

When an individual looks for a computer security software, they turn to Norton internet security as this provides their PC the much-needed protection. Here’s what we have for you! Since you have already purchased the product, it is time to login, download and install the software. Creating a Norton account is simple, but some new users may find difficulties to login. For example, there are people who feel that they are technologically challenged, but this does not require technical expertise.

What you need:

  • A swift internet connection

Why do you need a Norton account?

  • To manage the subscriptions
  • For auto renewal of your subscription
  • Retrieving the product key (the activation code)
  • To download the newest version of Norton

Let us cut to the chase and explain the steps to login to your account. There is no need to call a ‘computer expert’ because today’s generation is smart enough to handle technical issues. Since everyone has access to the latest technological gadgets, they know how to use different software and install them on your device.

The question is – How to sign in Norton My account?  Follow the instructions given below. They are easy to follow and anybody can successfully do it without any ‘expert’ help.

Logging into your Account Successfully

  • Visit the page – https://my.norton.com/
  • You will find the option of ‘Sign in’. Click on this and you will be redirected to a page which asks for your email address and password. In case you have forgotten the password, click on ‘forgot password’. You would need to type the email address, Norton will send you an email with the link to change your password. In case the link does not open immediately, you can copy the link and paste it on the browser.

If you still did not receive the email address, it is best to check the email that you entered. Ensure that all the credentials/details are correct. Giving an incorrect email address will not work here.

  • If you know your login credentials, type it in the blank space and click on ‘sign in’.

What if you do not have a Norton account? Simple!

  • Visit norton.com my account, click on ‘sign in’.
  • You will see the option of ‘create an account’ next to the sign in page.
  • You would need to fill a small form which asks for your email address, name, last name, mobile number, country and create a strong and unique password.
  • Click on ‘create account’.
  • Norton will send you an email with a verification link. Go to your email, click on the verification link and sign in with your new login credentials. Do note that without clicking on the verification link, you will not be able to sign in.

How to address the technical errors?

Technology is a blessing, but it could be a curse when there are technical issues. Just like our body does not work perfectly 365 days in a year, technology may go if-y at times. Here are some of the login errors that you may come across.

  • “A network error is preventing access to your Norton account…”

The real issue is that there may be an internet connectivity issue here. If you are not able to access the Norton my account then it is possible that there is an internet issue.

Step 1 is to check the internet connection. If you are not able to Norton sign in account or access the website, try visiting the symantec website. If you are not able to reach this website as well, then chances are that internet connectivity is the issue.

In case the issue does not resolve, restart your system and try again. In fact, you can even wait for 30 minutes to retry.

  • We mentioned about the ‘forgot password’ option for those, who forget the password and are not able to sign in. Once you have entered the email address, Norton will immediately send you a password change link. Make sure you create a password which is easy to remember but is unique. Do not share this information with anyone! The whole idea is to protect your password and computer. Someone else may gain access and use your product!
  • Operation time out is a common login barrier. When you see this login error, it means that you must check your internet connection. In order to gain access to the website, you must possess a speedy internet connection. It may be not be as strong but you would need to ensure that it is strong enough to handle the installation and download.
  • Some users may be prompted to login with their credentials time and again. If this happens, you must exit from all the programs and restart your system. This is a temporary issue and can be resolved easily.

What did you learn?

Addressing technical issues related to Norton login is fairly easy! You do not need to get frantic or call for technical help because these issues can be resolved at home or your office. The IT department might find it amusing that you require help for this because the above-mentioned steps will help you to login successfully.

So, sign in using the norton.com/myaccount link and if you do not have an account, create one by using ‘create account’ option. We are sure you will handle this yourself with ease!

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